How to Improve a Bad Mood through Smudging with White Sage

How to Improve a Bad Mood through Smudging with White Sage

The world is full of emotional triggers. Unintentionally reading about or watching violence can leave us in a funk. It’s important to take a step back, reset our minds, and clear our space.

Carrying negative energy, including thoughts or feelings, can affect creativity, personal relationships and how we interact with other people. I’ve found that when this happens, it usually means something is stagnant in my space. After learning about the many benefits of smudging with white sage, I added it to the weekly cleaning of my home. You may find that this helps you feel more creative and positive in your daily life, too.

Smudging is a ceremonial ritual that indigenous people have practiced for years. Its most common use is to cleanse or purify a space or person. Below, you’ll find my simple guide to smudging your space with white sage.

What you will need:

  • White Sage
  • Abalone Shell or fireproof container
  • Matches

How to smudge your space:

Step 1: Open windows to let the soon-to-be-smudged energy out.

Step 2: Light sage and gently blow the fire out until it creates smoke (be careful around smoke detectors).

Step 3: Create an intention for your space. For example, “this space is filled with light and love.” You can also imagine what your space looks like when filled with light and love, or say a prayer.

Step 4: Sage yourself first by using a feather or your hand to move the smoke towards you.  Start from your head and end at the bottom of your feet.

Step 5: Sage your space by walking clockwise and pushing the smoke into the air as if creating a barrier. Don’t forget corners and hard to reach spaces. If you have multiple floors in your home, start at the top floor and work your way toward the bottom.

Step 6: Place your sage in the abalone shell to extinguish it.

Step 7: You can seal your smudge ceremony by saying “anything that does not serve me or my space is not invited here” aloud.

Have you smudged your space with White Sage? Comment below and share your experience.

From my sacred space to yours,