About Satya + Sage


What we're all about

Satya + Sage is a self-care inspired line of handmade, eco-friendly candles and home fragrance products. Our aromas are formulated to remind you to slow down, uplift yourself, and create your own sacred space.

From high-vibe citrus blends to feminine floral bouquets, we carefully select notes that will fill your home with tranquility, positivity, and grounding energy. We believe creating sacred space and taking time for yourself is an important act of self-care, and our mission is to encourage this through each product we produce.

We feel strongly about our impact on our planet. A tree will be planted with each purchase.

The Satya + Sage Promise

The Satya  + Sage promise is to stay true and intentional with each product. Each Satya + Sage candle is made with 100% vegetable and coconut wax. Candles are created with a cotton wick and an infusion of essential oils with phthalate-free, premium grade fragrance oils.  All of our candles are dye and zinc free. Each essential oil blend is intuitively mixed using 100% high quality essential oil.


Our Process


"Each Satya + Sage candle is hand-poured with fragrances blended in small batches. Candles are smudged with sage before pouring, then smudged once again with Palo Santo after they’ve cured—capturing good vibes just for you. Each essential oil blend is carefully created and takes time to develop. One drop more (or less) of one oil can make a difference in the entire blend.

"Each candle or essential oil blend begins with special scent: one from a memory, a place I've traveled, or simply a scent that comes to me when I wake up. Once I identify the main fragrance, I build upon that to create the vibe I envision the fragrance evoking." —Sonja Haile, Founder

Each Satya + Sage product is curated to provide you with an intention. We believe that acting with intention is the most effective way to uncover your truth and begin making progress toward the life you want. Above all, we value service, creativity, intention, and the needs of our customers. We hope that our products inspire you to follow your truth.

Owner & Maker

The dream of Satya + Sage started years ago in my hometown, New Orleans. I’ve always known that I wanted my brand to offer something therapeutic and soothing, but my idea to create natural, handmade products took some time to develop. I journaled through the years, cataloguing ideas of what I wanted to share. This passion grew deeper as I completed yoga teacher training.

I began to notice my own habits. For instance, to get through the week, I would dedicate at least one day to self-care and recharging. I used sacred baths, reading, and music. During those special days, I would always light a candle and smudge to clear the space. I began to realize how important it was to advocate for my own “sacred space”.

Having developed my own sacred space routine, I knew I wanted to share this through my brand. I wanted to offer a piece of tranquility—a tool that helped me slow down in the midst of life’s hectic moments, and focus on the things that mattered.

The brand’s concept and name seemed to weave itself together organically as I observed my truth (Satya) and rid myself of negativity (Sage). I hope my products will help you achieve similar results.

From my sacred space to yours,