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Hand-poured candles and artisan fragrances

Light the wick & indulge the senses.

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Inspired by self-care.

Our handmade eco-friendly candles and uplifting aromatic blends remind you to slow down, recenter, and create your own sacred space.

Satya + Sage Cares

Satya + Sage is rooted in the emotional foundation of cultivation. Our founder's work and personal journey called her to empower women to cultivate space, both mentally and physically, for regular intention setting.

Clean & Safe

Each candle is made with vegetable and coconut wax, a cotton wick, and an infusion of essential oils with phthalate-free, premium-grade fragrance oils. All of our candles are dye and zinc free.


We use 100% recyclable packaging with FSC-certified paper labels. Re-use, recycle, or return your product packaging with our Recycling Program.


We donate a percentage of profits to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and their advocacy of Black maternal health. Another portion is donated to One Tree Planted in support of reforestation.


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A high-vibe bouquet of citrus and roses lifts the spirit and the mood, while soothing notes of vanilla relax the mind. Composed to celebrate the Goddess within, this lively candle reveals further hints of bergamot, orange, and grapefruit, expanding to a palette of fresh florals and greens.

Adorn yourself and your space with the essence of hope and the joy of summer’s most potent citrus botanics.

Light your Satya + Sage Goddess candle with the intention to offer yourself love, slow your breath, and inhale the eternal beauty of roses. Each candle comes with a specific intention, in a reusable recycled glass jar.

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Infused with a deep, yet sensual presence, this powerful candle releases tactile layers of amber, vanilla, citrus, and clove. Its warm embrace will set you at ease. A soft jasmine and soothing lavender round out the sensory experience.

Woven between, hints of citrus, balsam, and patchouli invite the steady hum of singing bowl music, and a quiet afternoon alone with one’s consciousness. As this robust concoction of scents reveals itself, a safe space to turn inward appears.

Light your Satya + Sage Meditation candle with the intention to slow your pace and sit with your thoughts. Some of life’s deepest revelations happen when we allow ourselves to be still. Each candle comes with a specific intention, in a reusable recycled glass jar.

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Sacred reminds us of our cozy beginnings, the birth of something new. Bask in the warm yet affectionate woody sweetness of Oud blended with Cassis and surrounded uplifting yet calming Jasmine.

Satya + Sage imagined Sacred with the essence of mother earth in mind. Carrying the root chakra's energy, Sacred was created to remind us of the powerful sacred spaces we hold in our physical bodies and the essence of birth.

Light your Satya + Sage Sacred candle with the intention to honor the warm, feminine power within. 

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