In the wake of the novel Coronavirus, several companies are (understandably) mandating their employees to work from home to help limit the spread of the disease. This is undoubtedly a responsible decision made by those in executive positions. However, it leaves many of us in a situation we’re not used to or prepared for. 

If you’re unfamiliar with working from home or if the majority of your employment takes place in an office or some other physical establishment, this abrupt change in routine can be extremely stressful. Despite all the chaos and uncertainty floating around, there are ways we can mitigate our anxiety and lower our levels of stress while being stuck in the house. 

Here are 3 tips to inspire some calm while working from home amid the coronavirus. 


1. Organize & Clean Your Space

 A messy environment can increase levels of stress even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. Do yourself a favor and set aside some time each day before you begin working on tidying up your immediate area. 

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and so they should be treated as such. Whether you’re working in a home office or from the comfort of your couch, cleaning up a bit will help you to feel less overwhelmed in this uniquely stressful time. 

Clutter exacerbates feelings of anxiety and, from a visual standpoint, can queue our brain into believing we have even more work than what’s already on our plate. Being in an area marked by order, peacefulness, and a display of things that soothe you, on the other hand, can help decrease stress. 

If you have any particular essential oils that illicit calmness in you, this is the perfect time to diffuse those aromas. Lavender, jasmine, and bergamot are three scents especially known to reduce feelings of stress. 


2. Get Fresh Air 

Most major news outlets are suggesting that, while social distancing should be a priority for everyone at this time, we still find ways to get out into nature. For those of us who live in an urban area, this could mean a simple walk around the block. If you’re nearby a hiking trail or some other form of a natural outlet, it can be helpful to go spend some time among the trees and wildlife. 

If the thought of leaving the house at all creates more anxiety for you, that’s completely understandable and okay. However, fresh air can still help you to feel more relaxed and create feelings of calmness. Simply open your windows for a little while or stand out on your balcony or porch if either is available to you. 

3. Maintain or Begin a Self-Care Routine 

It might feel difficult to practice gratitude at a time like this. Still, there are things that we can find appreciation for despite everything that is happening. For instance, being home allows us to really nurture our self-care routine. And if you don’t have a self-care routine, this might be the perfect time to begin one. 

Some popular techniques to include in a self-care routine include meditation, journaling, and working out. What you include in your self-care routine is entirely up to you. It would be helpful to do a little research to discover what practices will work best for you, especially as it relates to how you’re feeling at this time.

It might feel counterintuitive to do what you normally do in the morning before work, like shower, get dressed and apply makeup. But if those are things you’re used to - keep doing them! Maintaining a sense of normalcy can be majorly useful at a time like this. Plus, getting ready “tricks” your brain into going into work mode, whereas staying in your pajamas could do the exact opposite. 

Ultimately, the key to remaining calm among these anxiety-inducing times is being gentle and compassionate with yourself. We’re all going through this together, and the best thing we can do is to practice unconditional love to ourselves and others - from at least 6 feet away.