If you’ve been struggling with anxiety for most of your life, you might already know that certain scents are linked to reducing anxiety. But if feeling anxious is rather new for you, given the current state of our world, lighting candles to calm your nerves might be the one thing that turns your day around. Feeling anxious for a specific reason is never less of a battle than when the reason is unknown, and for most of us, it’s probably a feeling that you’re getting used to over the past year.

In 2021, create a morning and night routine that involves relaxing and lighting anxiety-reducing candles with scents that’ll soothe everyone in your home. Here are just a few scents that have been shown to help ease anxious feelings and reduce the burdened feeling of the daily stressors. 

Sweet Rose and Fresh Floral Notes

When you think of everything that roses symbolize, it usually has something to do with love and romance. When you bring someone roses, it’s an act of love. When you receive roses, you feel loved. Well, as it turns out, just the scent of roses can reduce anxious and nervous feelings. 

We associate roses with nature, and out of all things, stepping out in nature is what keeps us grounded. It’s why we say our Goddess candle creates a “high-vibe.” It’s the perfect scent to keep around your home to light whenever you need comfort, joy, and peace. Spending time outdoors isn’t as accessible as it once was, which could be a factor in increased anxiety, but you can still find ways to stay sane using aromatherapy.

Intense Bergamot

If you’ve never heard of bergamot before, think of it as a hybrid of lemon and orange! If you’re a citrus lover already, then you’ll be pleased to know that citrus fruit has been used to ease anxiety and reduce stress levels. Anytime you cut fresh orange slices, you might be instantly reminded of warm summer days or relaxing by the beach, which could be our brain associating citrus with happier times!

With bergamot, you’ll get that intense scent of citrus, which might be too strong for some people. However, we blend bergamot with vanilla and sandalwood in Healer to take it down a few notches so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this incredible fruit. 

Hints of Lemon

Lemon is one of our favorite ingredients to infuse into our candles because of its ability to calm our nervous system. After a few deep breaths of lemon scent, it’s been shown to act as a natural anxiety reducer. If bergamot is a bit too strong for you, keeping lemon-scented candles in high-stress areas of your home, like an office, can still bring you the same soothing benefits when you need it. We recommend burning Sun or King for subtle hints of lemon that can help reduce blood pressure and slow down an overactive brain. 

Anytime your anxiety feels uncontrollable, take a seat on the floor, light a wick with one of these anxiety-reducing scents, close your eyes, and just breathe. Focus on being present in the moment and allow the scent to fill your body with warmth, offering you peace and comfort.