Your home should feel like your sacred space that’s equally safe, relaxing, and calming for your body to rest. Since we spent more time indoors in 2020 than anywhere else, it’s important to give your space a refreshing makeover to make it the coziest place for you to unwind. Here are our best tips to create a tranquil space in your home that brings you happiness, joy, and, most importantly, serenity. 

Light Calming Candles in Each Room

Candles can completely change the vibe of any room with their wonderful scent and mesmerizing flame. Just by burning a few candles instead of turning on every lamp in the room, you’re more likely to feel ready to relax. Whether you use them for meditation purposes or simply to light up the room, candles warm up your space with softer lighting.

Ensure that you feel a connection to each fragrance and that it matches the feeling you want to have in each room. For instance, keep scents that help you fall asleep in the bedroom and save the uplifting scents for rooms like your kitchen or bathroom. 

Bring Plants and Flowers Into Your Space

Even if becoming a plant mom isn’t your favorite idea, there are studies that show how beneficial it can be to your mental health to welcome a few plants into your home. Indoor greenery not only cleans the air, but can improve your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and might even help boost your self-esteem. To create a calming vibe, keep a few plants in your living room and your bedroom, the two spaces where you want to feel the most at ease.  

Smudge Your Home

Whenever you need to freshen up your home, try practicing a smudging ritual with Palo Santo to cleanse the negative energy. Smudging is a great way to either cleanse your home, office, or even yourself whenever you need it. The smoke purifies your home and brings in positive energy to improve your mood and calm your mind. 

Decorate With Muted, Warm Colors

As much as we love color, it can actually affect our mood. And to create a peaceful feeling around our home, it’s best to use muted, warm colors as you would see at a spa or other places that are designed to make you feel calm. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, it’s usually always helpful to clear your mind of any mental clutter. Likewise, it can be just as helpful to have a calming space to relax in with less color and more greenery that comes from added house plants.

Let the Light Shine In

Last but not least, let the light shine in your home. Open the blinds each day to avoid feeling like you’re trapped indoors. Even if you stay inside all day, it can help you stay sane to get glimpses of the outdoors throughout the day, see the sunshine, and let the light illuminate your home. 

Your home is your sanctuary. The place where you can be yourself, welcome in trusted guests, or spend time in solitude. That being said, make sure that you’re taking care of your space and tailoring it towards your needs so that your space can continue to take care of you.