Beyond just their aesthetics, candles have quite a few wellness benefits to offer us. Whether they’re kept in our homes, offices, or personal sanctuaries, the simple act of burning a candle might actually improve your life more than it might seem. Not only can scents symbolize romance and love, but candles are also used in stressful settings to bring light and peace to an otherwise dark or grim situation. 

In case you needed one more reason to love candles, here are three wellness benefits of burning them in your space. 

Stress & Anxiety

While “taking good care of your health” is usually referring to how much movement and exercise you do, it’s only one aspect of our wellbeing. Treating yourself with kindness and listening to your body is just as essential to optimal health. Incorporating aromatherapy techniques in your daily lifestyle can decrease your stress levels and ease anxious feelings.

As festive as the fall and winter months are, the lack of vitamin D, the holiday rush, and only a few hours of daylight can bring more sadness into your life. And that’s why candles are used to shine light in dark places, symbolically and literally. Certain smells like rose and bergamot are thought to reduce anxiety, while other scents like lemon, orange, and peppermint can uplift your mood. Stress might be silent, but it’s extremely powerful over our wellbeing. 

Ambiance & Atmosphere

When there’s a delicious scent burning in someone’s home, it’s usually one of the first things you notice. But beyond their aroma, candles can change any atmosphere by creating a calming ambiance, making you want to stay awhile. Keeping candles in your bedroom supports a healthy sleep schedule by helping you relax at the end of the night. If you know sleepless nights a little too well, a warm scent like Healer helps you drift off into a deep sleep, with warm notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and bergamot. 

Spending the majority of your time in high-stress settings, such as a bleak office space, can have a stronger influence over your body than you may even notice. If it’s not possible to bring calming energy into your work environment, fill your home with happy scents so that you have a positive space to enjoy each morning and night.

Meditation & Mindfulness 

As you may have heard once or twice before, daily meditation supports good mental health by helping you find peace in the daily stressors, reflect on the past, or simply learn how to live in the present moment.  

And to no surprise, candles are often used in meditation practices to create a safe atmosphere while improving concentration with scents that help you stay alert, such as peppermint and citrus. Our Meditation candle combines calming notes of vanilla, jasmine, clove, and orange flower to help you surrender to your practice and enjoy those few moments of silence.

Without peace, clarity, and reflection, we simply cannot live the lives we deserve. Our mental health is something that we should care for every moment that we can, even if it’s a simple affirmation to lift ourselves up or a five-minute meditation to feel calm. Candles are here to help us turn inwards, supporting our overall wellbeing and helping us reach our higher self.