Creating your own personal mantra can sound intimidating at first, but it’s not as hard as you may think. When some hear the word “mantra”, visions of an all-red wardrobe might come to mind (if you haven’t watched Wild, Wild Country on Netflix, go watch it. Your mind will be blown). Remember: you don’t have to fit a certain image, be a certain “type” of person, or even get rid of all your carefully curated wardrobe to make this practice a part of your life.

Mantras are often used during meditation to keep “monkey mind” away. Monkey mind is a common phrase in the yoga world for distracting thoughts that make it hard to stay focused on the breath. The repetition of repeating a mantra is said to help shift your mindset, improve your focus and even transform thoughts into reality over time.

Here’s an easy guide to creating your own mantra:

1. Sit with yourself.

Have quiet time or turn on music that will help you relax. Do this for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours—whatever you need. It’s all about you.

2. Grab a journal.

Write down any words that come to mind. Write how you feel, how you would like to feel, etc. Just get it out on paper. For example, “stressed”, “anxiety”, “positive energy”, “peaceful”.

3. Focus

Find your focus, and notice what you can do intentionally to recreate that focus. For example, “Slow down, breath.” or even, “be the light”. It might help to write this down, too.

4. Write your mantra.

Your mantra can be anything you want that will help you return to that point of focus. For example, “Inhale, Exhale” or “I am light in a dark space”.

You can use your mantra during meditation, to prepare for an interview, or literally anytime you need to give yourself a boost.

Years ago I remember having a personal mantra—“you’ve got this”—as a screensaver, to remind myself that I was in control. It helped me so much. I would find myself automatically reciting it when I needed it most.

With a little thought and introspection, you can write your own mantra, too.

If you wish, comment below and share your personal mantra!

From my sacred space to yours,