Spending most of our time inside of our homes isn’t so bad until we start missing the few luxuries we used to splurge on. For some of us, setting time aside to relax at the spa used to be part of our self-care routine. The spa can be incredible for destressing since it’s the perfect place to let go of any worries, take care of your body, and spend some quality time with yourself. At the end of the day, we all need at least one self-care practice that we can look forward to and that helps us unwind.  

During uncertain times, it’s even more important to continue self-care routines and attend to your mental and physical health. That being said, let’s dive deeper into three tips for the most therapeutic at-home spa night.

Set the Ambiance

When trying to relax at home, most people usually skip setting the ambiance. Perhaps it seems like an inconvenience or unnecessary, but it actually has more power over your relaxation than you might think. Setting the ambiance is essentially setting an intention for the night you want to have. Taking a few extra moments to create a relaxing and calming scenery is the best way to show yourself that your happiness is worth it. 

Setting the ambiance should include stimulating all five senses. For example, you could clean your space, turn on your favorite music, sip on something warm, run a warm bath, and of course, never forget to light a few scented candles. If you do anything, make sure your space smells exactly how you want it to. Your sense of smell directly impacts your mood, having an effect on how relaxed you feel in the moment. For soothing scents, choose Blessed, with notes of peppermint and Eucalyptus, or Healer, with notes of sandalwood and vanilla. 

Destress in the Bath

Any good at-home spa night includes a warm bath to soak your body and release all of the built-up tension. You could just set the ambiance and curl up with a good book, but bathing has a few wellness benefits that we could all benefit from. Soaking in warm water has shown to decrease stress hormones, improve quality of sleep, and increase serotonin levels. And during times like these, who couldn’t benefit from all of the above? 


While relaxing in the tub, try to take this time to be present in the moment. Instead of turning on your favorite show, think of this as your time to reflect, let go, and get inspired. So much of our time is spent dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, but we very rarely get to be in the moment unless we’re mindful of how we use our time. Focus on how you can better yourself and everything that’s required to best take care of your mind, body, and soul. After an at-home spa night like this, it might just become your new nightly ritual!